Monday, December 20, 2004

During this Holiday Season

Inattentive Blog requests humbly that any of you who wish to spend the season in peaceful spirits and nightmare-free, do refrain from Googling "chloracne", no matter how interested you might be in the appalling incident of Yuschenko's dioxin poisoning.

I mean it. Don't. Especially not the Image search engine.

You'll never be able to drink shaken eggnog again.

(And Cockalorum, that was a TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE groaner of a joke. Okay, I did chuckle, but I felt guilty about it.)

Incidentally... that greenish tone on Yuschenko's face... I have a suspicion that he's wearing green-toned pancake makeup to cover redness, but I could very easily be wrong. In any case, it can't be very comfortable. I hope that the surge of publicity this is generating in some measure compensates the agony he has had to go through, and will have to go through.