Friday, November 12, 2004

ADD Note Upon Visitors; Questions Unasked

I am not expecting to be able to update the blog until tomorrow, and more likely Monday or Tuesday. I have a guest for the weekend, and I suddenly have to recall how exactly to keep my life in order while dealing with the distracting presence of another person in my home. :)

Upcoming topics: creativity and depression, religion and sex, comparing and contrasting optimistic liberalism with optimistic conservativism (and the respective alternatives), wealth and celebrity and guilt, and how all of these things relate to each other. Stay tuned, my new loyal set of four or five readers! It's gonna be an exciting trip!

In the meantime, I leave you with this:

Directly after 9/11, there was a chorus of activist (and mostly liberal) American voices volunteering answers to the question "Why do they hate us?"

Better phrased, the question is, "Why do they hate YOU?" directed at the great silent majority of non-activist Americans.

Post-2004-election, we are now hearing a chorus of liberal voices volunteering answers to the question, "Why do WE hate you?" to Bush voters.

I suspect that if that 51% were to give a voice to their response, it would be something like, "We never asked you either of those questions, and if we didn't care then, we certainly don't care now."

More about why that might be, later.