Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Role of the Artist

Roger L. Simon is asking why there isn't more talk in Hollywood about the murder of Theo van Gogh.

After reading this:

Theo van Gogh had won a reputation in the Netherlands as an out-and-out provocateur. He had accused the Dutch writer Leon de Winter, for example, of exploiting his Jewishness to sell his books. During the ensuing nine-year legal battle, van Gogh “touched up” his accusations with the claim that during sex with his wife, de Winter entwined his penis with barbed wire and screamed “Auschwitz, Auschwitz.”
... I can't decide if I'm surprised to be hearing so little from Hollywood, or if I'm not.

I watched Submission (link thanks to Michael Totten).

I think I'm going to sit quietly, now, and ponder the relative dangers of making offensive sexual holocaust-based insults, and those of making fairly innocuous narrative films with some veiled flesh shots.

The one is like sadistically slashing the throat of a saddle horse; the other is like dabbling your fingers in the water above a school of mutant piranha.